Tree Planting:


Planting trees offers a wealth of benefits to you and your property. Just to name a few, adding trees to your landscape will:
Benefit You
Trees keep yards cool in the summer, lowering your energy bill
Your trees act as natural respirators, giving off fresh oxygen
Benefit Your Property
Investment in your landscape enhances curb appeal and property value
Trees slow rain impact to divert floods.


New Grass:  

Getting new grass to grow can't be that difficult, can it?
Maintaining a healthy lawn can be a lot of work. Unfortunately, sometimes you will encounter problems with your lawn that can't be fixed by watering, fertilizing and a regular mowing schedule. If your lawn is thinning or developing bare spots, sowing new seed is likely required. While you can always remove the existing grass before sowing new seed, it is also possible to plant your new grass seed over your current lawn.
You planted grass seed recently, yet your “brand new” lawn area looks like it needs renovation. Not to worry. We can help. Follow these simple steps.


Lawn care and maintenance and Clean ups:

A proper clean-up is vital to the health of your landscaping and also a healthy lawn can reduce the number of pests and weeds. A healthy Lawn also prevents soil erosion.
Our services include the integral maintenance of the garden,
Maintenance of green and landscaped areas. Our professionals will water the plants, cut the lawn and include all the treatments they need, tree pruning, application of fertilizers and more.


Irrigation Services:

Keep your lawn healthy while saving water and practicing efficient water conservation. Modern irrigation systems do all of this and more. At Maple Landscape, we provide the latest technologies. Our team will design and install a system that's perfect for your property.
Installations are conducted by a professional crew who is meticulous about care and cleanliness at your property. Customer satisfaction and system quality are our main objectives. We use top-rated products with high-quality components for all of our systems, and all installations are covered with warranty.
Service & Repair
The conveniences of an automatic irrigation system come along with the necessity for maintenance and repair. Whether you need seasonal maintenance, simple or complex repairs, or a total overhaul, Maple Landscape has you covered. Service is one of the priority of our business.

Synthetic Grass:

Your green lawn all year round, save water and time from the time of installation.

We know what to take into account when installing the lawn. We advise you on the most suitable lawn.

As experts in gardening, we can confirm if artificial turf is your best solution.